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Price List and Ordering Information* products may be ordered by clicking on the item below and printing out an order form. Send the completed form and a check or money order to: 

18702 North Sands Road
Colbert, WA 99005 

Your item will be shipped to you via first class mail
Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Golf Ball Gauge 
Price: $14.95 
Plus Shipping: $2.95 per item
Golf Ball Mold 
Wall Plaque 

Price: $99.95 
Plus Shipping: $5.95 per item
Golf Ball Mold 
Desktop Pen Set 

Price: $109.95 
Plus Shipping: $5.95 per item
Golf Ball Mold and 
Specialty Golf Ball Molds

Price: $34.95 
Plus Shipping: $5.95 per item
Manual Golf Ball 
Compression Tester 

Price: $3500 - analog dial display 
$3600 - digital display 
Plus Shipping and Shipping Crate 
(price will be determined on a per-order basis; call for current prices)

The golf ball tool, golf ball mold wall plaque and desktop pen set may be custom engraved with the name of a clubhouse, event, or person. Please contact us for custom inscription and pricing. 

Product satisfaction is guaranteed. If not satisfied, the product can be returned
for a full refund. 

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